KB Insurance, ‘Dodram Day’ held at home game on the last weekend of the season… Han Seong-jeong and Hwang Gyeong-min donated 1,000 servings

KB Insurance will hold a special event with Handon’s representative brand, Dodram (hereinafter ‘Dodram’), on the 18th.

KB Insurance will host ‘Dodram Day’ at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 18th to celebrate the home game on the last weekend of the regular season.

The two companies operate a food truck where 1,000 people can sample Dodram’s representative samgyeopsal and pork바카라 belly barbecue to expand the professional volleyball base and improve Dodram’s brand image to fans visiting Uijeongbu Gymnasium, and provide Dodram products worth 5 million

First of all, for the first time in men’s professional volleyball, a limited edition of 50 ‘Dodram V-Pack’ will be sold at the site, which includes Dodramham and player’s autographed photo card, KB Insurance umbrella, housekeeper ticket (1-4R), and spike yoke. After the game, 5 people will be selected by lottery, and uniforms worn by the players will be presented, and an opportunity to take a photo with the players on the court will be provided.

In addition, it plans to give fans a variety of fun with various prizes, spike events where you can experience volleyball indirectly, and electronic signboard events. In addition, we plan to provide game intuition tickets and supporters’ uniforms to SNS supporters recruited by Dodram, and hold a proof-shot event for Hemangi & Doram.

An official from KB Insurance said, “First of all, I would like to thank Dodram for hosting this event together. Through ‘Dodram Day’ prepared by KB Insurance, we will prepare for many fans and citizens to enjoy a fun festival at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium.

won as prizes. Various events will be held.” About 1,000 servings of Dodeuram Handon will be donated.

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