K-LOBAL Taekwondo Episode 1, bread exploded… 700 comments in 4 days

The first episode of ‘K-LOBAL Taekwondo’, which was released by Kukkiwon, the ‘World Taekwondo Headquarters’, on YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, surpassed 21,000 views within 3 days of uploading. About 700 comments were posted, making me feel the passion for Taekwondo. 

‘K-lobal Taekwondo’, which Kukkiwon unveiled on the afternoon of January 20th, is an abbreviation of the letter K in Korea and the first letter of Global. In this video, Chris Johnson, a broadcaster and YouTuber from the United States, appears and learns basic movements, kicks, self-defense, sparring, etc. from Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration Team members Koo Eun-chong and Lee Taek-ki, and performs missions. 5 to 10 minutes per episode. English subtitles were added so that foreigners interested in Taekwondo could easily understand the contents. 

In the comments, viewers confessed that they were fascinated by the charm of Taekwondo, while others said that they remembered the basic techniques of Taekwondo that they learned as children and tried to follow it. 

ID ‘Gakna’ said, ‘I support Taekwondo to be loved by people around the world.’ ‘Boyoung’ said, ‘As a Korean citizen, I’m really proud of Taekwondo, which is loved by the world.’ ‘Alexel’ was grateful, saying ‘It’s not a long video about why our Kukkiwon is being praised, but I could feel it properly’. ‘Crayon’ said, ‘Please spread Taekwondo widely,’ and Han Seung-hee said, ‘I feel proud that I am taking a step forward in the globalization of Taekwondo.’  안전놀이터

Chris Johnson appeared as ‘Taerin’, who was clumsy but diligently learning the basic movements of Taekwondo, such as punching, standing, blocking, and kicking, wearing a uniform, and made everyone laugh. 

Mr. Johnson said, “Learning Taekwondo not only trains the body but also the mind, so it was like catching two rabbits at once. Learning posture was the most fun.

In particular, there were many comments saying that he looked back on his childhood memories. There was also praise for the Kukkiwon members who appear in the video. There were responses such as ‘Chris learned Taekwondo from the best Taekwondo in the birthplace of Taekwondo’ and ‘Kukkiwon’s wonderful Taekwondo is the pride of Korea’.

Following the first and second video uploads, episode 3 will be uploaded on January 20th and episode 4 will be uploaded on January 27th. 

Along with the release of the video, Kukkiwon is also holding a quiz event. To participate, watch the first episode on Kukkiwon’s official YouTube channel and leave a comment with the answer to the quiz question until January 19th. The video that will be released later will also have a comment event. Mobile coffee coupons will be presented to 50 people through a lottery. 

Director Lee Dong-seop of Kukkiwon said, “Taekwondo is a great gift given to our people by the sky, where our spirit is reflected.” said.

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