K-League’s best prospect, Oh Hyun-gyu, has virtually confirmed his transfer to Scotland Celtic.

Oh Hyun-kyu, who is active in the professional football K League 1 Suwon Samsung, has virtually confirmed his transfer to Celtic, a prestigious Scottish team.

According to the Suwon Samsung team, during the Lunar New Year holiday, Oh Hyun-gyu went back and forth between London and Glasgow, England, filling out transfer documents and completing a medical test.

All procedures for Celtic transfer have been completed, and only official announcements from both clubs, Suwon Samsung and Celtic, are left.

Oh Hyeon-kyu, a former member of the Suwon Samsung Youth Team, emerged as the young ace of the Suwon Samsung Team by bursting with potential last season.

He scored 13 goals, the most in the team, and in the promotion playoff against FC Anyang, he scored the winning goal that confirmed the team’s retention.

At the World Cup in Qatar, he did not make it to the final roster, but he caught the attention of football fans by surprise selection as a reserve member.

Celtic has been known to have been interested in Oh Hyun-kyu since before the World Cup.

It is known that Suwon Samsung initially offered 1 million euros (about 1.3 billion won), but when the possibility of the transfer became unclear, the transfer fee was raised to three million euros (about 4 billion won). 바카라

Hyungyu Oh, who made his debut at Suwon Samsung in 2019, joined Sangmu early in the 2020 season the following year, and the military service issue has been resolved, so the possibility of going abroad has been highly evaluated.

Oh Hyeon-gyu has succeeded in advancing to Europe, but competition with Japanese players who are already playing for Celtic as a starting player still remains.

Celtic, who had a lot of fun by recruiting Asian players such as Cha Doo-ri, Ki Sung-yueng, and Nakamura Shunsuke, recruited four Japanese players in 2021 alone.

Among them, striker Furuhashi is leading the league in scoring with 15 goals in 18 matches this season, and national team members Maeda and Hatate are the starting positions.

Many fans are already interested in whether Oh Hyun-kyu, the best prospect who swept the K-League, can show a competitive appearance in the Scottish League, the first gateway to Europe.

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