“It’s true that being backed up at the starting lineup is shabby. But…” How a 35-year-old substitute shortstop survives .

The news that Oh Ji-hwan will be out due to an injury clearly raised concerns. This is because Oh Ji-hwan had a great influence in Gong-Soo-Ju. He was Oh Ji-hwan, who played an important role in offense and defense as a shortstop at batting 5, and also showed outstanding performance in running base while stealing 4 bases.

The problem was that Son Ho-young and Kim Joo-seong, 안전놀이터who had prepared as shortstops to support Oh Ji-hwan, could not play due to injuries.

But now, LG is creating victories without any problems. There was no problem at shortstop at all. It is thanks to Kim Min-seong, who played shortstop from the game against Samsung Lions in Jamsil on the 7th when Oh Ji-hwan was missing, and filled Oh Ji-hwan’s place well.

Kim Min-seong was a shortstop in high school, and also played shortstop for the Lotte Giants. After moving to Nexen Heroes as a trade, he mainly played as a third baseman. Last season, he expanded his defensive position as a second baseman, and this year, his range has expanded to shortstop. Now he can play the full infield position.

Kim Min-seong worked as LG’s starting shortstop until 2021, but last year he gave up his position to Moon Bo-kyung and became a backup. His all season also seeks his role as a backup rather than regaining his starting spot. Kim Min-seong showed determination, saying, “I thought that there would definitely be a role for me because there were many variables during the season, but now seems to be the right time. I will do my best even if I make mistakes within my ability.”

Even so, it has been more than five years since he became a shortstop. It was helpful to prepare for the shortstop from the demonstration game. “During the demonstration game, coach Kim Il-kyung told me to prepare a shortstop just in case, so I’ve been practicing,” said Kim Min-sung, “I feel new because I remember playing for Lotte after joining as a shortstop. What’s different from that time is that I have more time.” .

He’s suddenly the shortstop job, but he never takes the defense lightly. Kim Min-seong said, “I consider defense very important in my own way. I take it seriously even during practice.”

It is impressive that he is working with a bright appearance even though it is a supporting role. Kim Min-seong said honestly, “It is true that he becomes a bit shabby when he becomes a backup after being a starter,” and said, “In the past, during the Nexen days, coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, ‘There is no starter without a backup. Backup is also important.’ Reflecting on those words, I think that I have a role to play while helping the young players behind the scenes, and I am enduring the game.”

He is Kim Min-seong, who is showing admiration for his defense, but his hitting is a bit disappointing. He had a batting average of 1.8 2 for the season (2 hits in 11 at-bats). He is also 1-for-7 (0.143) in three games as a shortstop. Still, he got 4 walks, and also scored 4 RBIs in every game, helping the team win.

Kim Min-seong said, “The feeling of hitting is not bad.

The reason this season is important to Kim Min-sung is because he is facing his second FA. That’s why opportunities are important to Kim Min-sung. Kim Min-seong showed determination, saying, “If I play the position perfectly like I do now, my value will go up a little more. Won’t I be recognized as a necessary player? I’ll do my best to play the role behind the scenes.”

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