It is different from Romero right before the exit. Widener with a clean back “Nothing more than a double check. Pitching started. No thoughts of replacement”

 Among the new foreign pitchers knocking on the door of the KBO League, there are those who have not been introduced to Korean fans yet.

SSG Landers’ Eni Romero, Doosan Bears’ Pyle Dylan, and NC Dinos’ Taylor Widener.

Romero suffered shoulder pain in a practice game during the Okinawa field training and has been unable to throw a ball since being beaten. He is said to be currently undergoing rehabilitation treatment in the United States. Although no official announcement has been made yet, it is known that the possibility of a breakup is high. On the 18th, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung revealed that he was actually preparing for a replacement, saying, “I haven’t heard that Romero’s condition has improved. It will take too long to come back even after the treatment is over.

Dylan suffered a dizzying injury after being hit메이저놀이터 in the head by a batted ball while playing live pitching during spring camp in Australia. Fortunately, he prepared slowly, and recently, he normally digested the bullpen pitching and had a real game appearance in front of his eyes. Currently, he is scheduled to take the mound in a practice game against Yeoncheon Miracle on the 20th to check his condition.

NC’s widener is now preparing to throw. NC coach Kang In-kwon reported on Widener’s condition ahead of the game against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 18th. Director Kang said, “Widener double-checked yesterday and today, and it was judged that it would be okay to train normally.” He continued, “I don’t know when the actual game will be. I think he will have to watch the process while checking more technical parts.”

Widener went into rehabilitation after complaining of back pain while running prior to an exhibition game against KT Wiz on March 27th. He showed good pitches during the spring camp and had been throwing the ball without any problems during the demonstration games, so when he suffered a back injury right before the opening, the NC starting rotation was also in an emergency.

Now, when you start pitching, you have to go through a long return process, such as bullpen pitching, live pitching, and future league appearances. In particular, since he is a starting pitcher, he has to increase the number of pitches, so it will take time to return.

That said, I don’t think about replacement like Romero did. Director Kang drew the line, saying, “Widener hurt his back, not his elbow or shoulder, so he’s not to the point of thinking about replacement.”

Expectations for the return of new foreign hitter Jason Martin, who is undergoing rehabilitation due to side pain, are also rising. Director Kang said, “Martin is doing throwing training,” and looked at it positively, saying, “I will receive a detailed examination on the 20th, and if the results are good, I will be able to do batting training.”

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