Kudron won 4-1 (15-0 15-11 15-12 4-15 15-7) in the final of the PBA Tour NH Nonghyup Card Championship against the same nationality at the Sono Calm Goyang Hotel in Goyang on the 5th. picked up and won Kudron, who won his 7th career victory in 9 months and 8 days after the World Championship, the 2021-22 season in March last year, solidified his position as the most winning champion on the tour, adding 100 million won in prize money to a total accumulated prize money of 889 million won. won first place in the division. The prize money ranking for the season, which had been in 10th place (31 million won) before, was also significantly raised to second place (131 million won), just 6.5 million won short of David Zapata (Spain, 137.5 million won). Kudron, who consecutively won the TS Shampoo Championship in the first and second seasons of the tour, also built his second title defense career through this tournament. Kudron reported his fourth career victory last year at the NH Nonghyup Card Championship.

In particular, Kudron, who had not missed more than one championship each season during three seasons on the PBA Tour, only reached the quarterfinals three times during five tournaments this season, raising doubts about the slump with his jagged performance, but the win today raised concerns over the past. was washed clean.  토토

Kudron, who stood on the 7th final table after tying for the most finals with Zapata, also continued to record a 100% win rate of ‘final undefeated’. Ferens also won both finals, but his win rate plummeted to 66.666% as he was blocked by Kudron on this day.

Kudron, who had been dominant with 2 wins and 1 loss until the end of the match against Lefence, widened the gap by adding 1 win that day. After the Huons Championship in November 2012, Refence, who tried to win his third championship in 1 year, 1 month and 13 days, was blocked by Kudron’s brilliant performance in this tournament and failed to achieve his goal.Kudron’s upward trend, which recorded an all-time average of 6.429 in the semifinals the previous day, continued today. In the 3rd inning, leading 4-0 in the first set, Kudron scored 11 points, including a bank shot, turning Refence into a 15-0 “love game” in just 11 minutes. The first set average is 5.000. Kudron, who also brought the 2nd set, which accumulated scores one by one, as if eating dried persimmons against Lefence, who was counterattacking, defeated Lefens 15-12 in the 3rd set, leading to a guess as to the victory in an undefeated set. Kudron, who only scored 4 runs in 4 sets that continued to 12 innings, gave up one set to Leppens, but in the 10-5 lead in the 5th set, he added three points with two sideways and cross shots, and then turned sideways again in the 8th inning. After making the championship points with , the first final match with ‘best friend’ was made by reversing the conversion.