“If you can’t do it, get cursed at twice as much”… Pohang director Kim Ki-dong and Kim Jun-ho, who are father and son and have a teacher-teacher relationship

“If you fail, you will be criticized twice as much, so you will be more careful on and off the field.”

K-League 1 Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong (52) and midfielder Kim Jun-ho (21) are father and son, as well as father and son. In the past, there have been overseas cases where a father and son have formed a relationship with a command tower as a player in one team, such as Cesare and Paolo Maldini (Italy) and Dani and Daly Blint (Netherlands), but they are not common. Due to the nature of their relationship, director Kim and Kim Jun-ho have no choice but to be conscious of the eyes of the people around them, but each is blocking controversy at the source with rational appointments and clear growth trends.바카라

Pohang is in second place (37 points, 10 wins, 7 draws, 3 losses) in the K League 1, which has finished up to round 20. Despite repeated player outflows every year, under the direction of manager Kim, who took office during the 2019 season, they have maintained a competitive appearance in the 4th, 3rd, 9th, and 3rd places over the past 4 seasons. Even in the 2021 season, which ended in 9th place, it showed its potential enough to win runner-up in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League.

Thanks to that, Director Kim’s position is solid. However, when it comes to the appointment of Kim Jun-ho, stricter standards are applied than anyone else. People around them say that it is a good U-22 (under 22) resource, but both coach Kim and Jun-ho Kim emphasize that “we have to do better.”

Coach Kim and Jun-ho Kim recently met with Sports Dong-a and said, “It is encouraging that playing time is increasing. However, if not, both of them will be criticized, so each of them should prepare better in their respective positions.”

Ahead of the 2021 season, Kim Jun-ho joined Pohang after graduating from Pohang’s youth team, Pocheol High School. He only made 9 appearances in the past 2 seasons, but this season he has already appeared in 7 games, adding strength to the midfield, which has been loosened due to injuries to Kim Jong-woo and Shin Kwang-hun. He himself is confident, “I haven’t been able to afford the field in the past, but my horizons have broadened this year.”
Director Kim is proud of his son’s growth. When his son needs to be complimented, he’s full of laughs even as he mentions that he’s grouped with his peers. He praised, “Promising players such as Ko Young-jun (22), Cho Jae-hoon (20), Yoon Min-ho (24), Lee Ho-jae (23), and Kim Jun-ho made good use of the given opportunities.”

Pohang’s introduction to Kim Jun-ho is “No. 66 born of No. 6”. Coach Kim, who played in 501 K-League games as a player, is a legend who played 227 games with the number 6 back in Pohang. Looking at coach Kim, who was selected as Pohang’s official legend, who celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, Jun-ho Kim, who was number 66, also wants to be reborn as an icon of Pohang someday. Kim Jun-ho said, “His father was active and had a good mid-range shot during his active career. I also want to make a long run by supplementing my agility and defense.”

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