I won the EPL as a ‘muscular fullback’, but… “I have to stop exercising”

Trent Alexander-Arnold (24, Liverpool), who is considered one of the best right-backs in the world, also has weaknesses. It’s ‘defense’. There are aspects that stand out relatively more as it is a fullback with outstanding attack power, but due to the slow speed of air-defense transition, there are several scenes where it is not possible to effectively respond to the dribbling/shooting fake of a winger who easily allows space behind and enjoys cracks or irregular plays. It has been repeated for years.

It was the same in the away game against Manchester City on the 1st (Korean time). Throughout the 90 minutes, he was frequently penetrated by Jack Grealish and almost gave City the right side. There was a Grealish cross in Julian Alvarez’s equalizer, and in the 14th minute of the second half, Grealish’s shooting was not controlled at all in a one-on-one situation, showing serious defensive difficulties. In the end, the team also lost 1-4, making it difficult to obtain a ticket to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) for the next season.

A voice citing ‘body’ as the cause of Alexander-Arnold’s메이저놀이터 poor defense draws attention. Starting in 2018, the third year of his English Premier League (EPL) debut, Alexander-Arnold succeeded in bulking up and transformed into a muscular fullback. He was a winning player to effectively block wingers who tend to push in with power, but he succeeded in growing his body while maintaining his existing main focus, and began to be evaluated as the world’s best right-back from this year.

Danny Murphy (45), a soccer expert from Liverpool, said in an interview with British media Talk Sports on the 3rd, “I think the fitness session should be changed. Alexander-Arnold needs to return to a sharp and fit body that is different from now.” It is a pinch point that a large width of body change is acting as an element that hinders the defense of the fullback, and ultimately the need to reduce the time of lifting weights in the gym.

Darren Bent, a former England national team member, also agreed with Murphy, saying that the player’s body was overly bulked up. “Certainly, if you look at Alexander Arnold a few years ago, he was a bit skinny. Continuing upper body weight training can hinder his mobility or change of direction somewhat,” he explained.

“Obviously, he’s still a great footballer, but it looks like he needs some changes,” he added. “He needs to spend less time lifting weights in the gym and more time on the grass.”

Alexander-Arnold, who made a splash last season with 2 goals and 17 assists in 44 official games, has only 3 goals and 2 assists this season. Although he is still the main right-back in Liverpool, the analysis that he achieved great success at a slightly young age is poison (毒) function is gaining strength.

Celebrity football agent Rob Segal said of Alexander-Arnold, who was caught in an ‘attitude controversy’ over his slow defensive return last month, “Whether it’s a slow return to his goal or a lack of play in defense (compared to his attacking possession), the Liverpool number 66 has made himself a starting member every week.” I know that there is a high probability of going out. This is the reason for the controversy.” It was a nuance that Calvin Ramsey (19, Liverpool), who was recruited last year for healthy internal competition with a boyish side and a healthy internal competition, suffered injuries throughout this season and left the rotation, which had a negative impact on the starting fullback mind.

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