“I was terrible when the team needed me the most” A player blamed himself for the worst slump

“I was terrible when the team needed me the most” A player blamed himself for the worst slump
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Brown bowed his head in Game 7.안전놀이터

The Boston Celtics lost 84-103 to the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the 2023 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals held at Boston TD Garden on the 30th (Korean time).

It was a game in which Boston fans had high expectations. After losing all of the first three games in the series, Boston succeeded in winning three games in a row and tied the game at 3 wins and 3 losses. Since the last game 7 is held at home, expectations for the first ever reverse sweep have been formed.

However, when the match started, the expectations turned to disappointment. The Boston players, who started Game 7, were heavier than usual and suffered a total setback in offense. To make matters worse, ace Jayson Tatum was injured early in the match.

Although Tatum digested the rest of the time, he was not in a normal condition. The role of Jaylen Brown, who forms a one-two punch with him, has become more important.

However, Brown’s performance on this day was the worst in the playoffs. He threw 9 3-point shots and only managed 1, and his shot quality was not good, and his unstable ball handling weakness was highlighted and he committed a whopping 8 turnovers. In the end, Boston, which did not easily gain the momentum to pursue, ended the season with a complete defeat.

After the game, Brown expressed deep regret that he could not relieve Tatum’s burden, saying that he could not live up to the role he wanted on the team.

Brown blamed himself, saying, “I was terrible in a game where my team needed me the most. After Jayson Tatum got hurt, my team relied on me and I failed. It’s okay to praise Miami, but I was terrible.”

This summer, Brown will be eligible for a contract extension with Boston. As the rules change through CBA negotiations, Brown can win up to a four-year, $189 million contract. There are also rumors that he may break up with him because Boston’s salary cap situation isn’t tight.

Brown said, “I expected to win today and move forward. That’s what I’ve been focusing on and what I’ve been doing. We failed and I failed. And honestly, I don’t have time to think about anything else right now.”

Still, he said, “This is not the end. We can do much better. We can play much better basketball.”

Tatum, who has been working with Brown for a long time, also said in an interview that day, “The extension of Jaylen Brown’s contract is very important. He is one of the best in the league.” Will Brown hit the court in a Boston uniform again next season?

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