News emerged that Olympiacos of Greece is interested in signing Korean national striker Cho Kyu-seong. 

Cho Kyu-seong is the Korean player who recorded the biggest stock price rise through the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

He was mentioned as a backup resource for Hwang Eui-jo, who was the main player at the time of joining the World Cup final list, but scored two goals only with a header in the second group match against Ghana, becoming the first multi-goal hero in Korean football history in a World Cup game.

With his outstanding skills and good looks, Cho Kyu-seong has received the attention of many fans and clubs, and the possibility of leaving Korea and playing an active part on the European stage has increased. 

Cho Kyu-seong is surrounded by rumors of transfers to the prestigious Scottish Celtic, Turkiye Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. It is known that Cho Kyu-seong and his current team, Jeonbuk, are contemplating whether to transfer during this summer or winter. 

In the meantime, it was revealed that the Greek league, a neighboring country in Turkey, was also interested in signing Cho Kyu-sung.

Greek media ‘Sports Time’ editor-in-chief Yannis Horianopoulos mentioned on his social media at the beginning of the new year, “Korean national striker Kyu-Sung Cho is on Olympiacos’ recruitment list.” 

Scotland’s ‘Daily Record’ also acknowledged Olympiacos’ interest, saying, “Celtic is aiming to sign Cho Kyu-sung, and Olympiacos is also included in the team with the possibility of taking Cho Kyu-sung.”

Greece’s prestigious Olympiacos became widely known among Korean fans with the transfer of Hwang In-beom in August 2022.

Olympiacos is a team that has maintained its place on the European stage for a long time, participating in international club competitions such as the European Football Federation (UEFA) and the Europa League (UEL). 

However, it is not pleasant if such a gaze is directed at a Korean striker. It is because of Hwang Eui-jo, who can become a national team senior and a team senior of Cho Kyu-seong.  스포츠토토

Hwang Eui-jo, who moved from Ligue 1 in France to Nottingham Forest in the English Premier League before this season, was loaned to Olympiacos for one season after signing a contract.

Since Hwang Ui-jo played an active role in the French league, which is the top league, scoring double digits, it was predicted that he would score more goals in Greece. 

However, Hwang Eui-jo failed to show proper performance in the opportunity given at the beginning of the season, and after that, he was pushed out of the competition for the starting position and was excluded from the list for 8 consecutive games in the last 3 months, becoming a resource outside of power. It’s even more unfortunate considering that he was offered by many French teams this summer. 

Cho Kyu-seong is more of a target striker and could be considered a different style from Hwang Ui-jo.

It is also because he showed strong physical fights against world-class defenders, control of the air, and activity in the front line at the World Cup. You can also look forward to working with Hwang In-beom, who played an active part in his national team.

However, considering that Hwang Eui-jo fell after six months, Olympiacos’ interest in Cho Kyu-seong is not just welcome.

Cho Kyu-seong, who received a love call from Scotland and Turkey, and also from Greece, will be the biggest topic of discussion for Korean soccer fans in the transfer market this winter.