“I have to fail now…” Director Lee Seung-yeop, are you new? not in a hurry

Operators labeled as ‘beginners’ in any field are in a hurry. Due to lack of experience, there is no time to look far and wide. I often make big and small mistakes because I get caught up in the impatience of having to produce results right away. Beginner baseball coaches also inevitably go through trial and error in their first year. 

Coach Lee Seung-yeop (47), who leads 토토사이트Doosan this year, does not yet show signs of being a beginner. As a player, he had a brilliant career as a national hitter in Korea, Japan and international competitions, but there were concerns about his lack of experience as he was immediately appointed to the command tower without any coaching experience. 

However, coach Lee Seung-yeop, like experienced coaches, is playing the demonstration games calmly. Until the 23rd, Doosan suffered three consecutive losses in demonstration games and fell to 8th place (2 wins, 4 losses, 2 draws), but coach Lee did not seem to be chased at all. 

He said, “There are mistakes that shouldn’t come out overall, but it’s good for us to come out now. You have to fail so you can’t do it next time. If this kind of appearance comes out quickly, rather (before the season), the team can be further reorganized and improved,” he said positively. 

There is also a clear perception that the demonstration game is a preparation process. As a new director, he may have a strong desire to show something right away, but Lee said, “It is a process now. No matter how good the results of the exhibition game are, it is useless if it is bad during t

The return of injured players is not in a hurry. Dylan Pyle, a foreign pitcher who suffered an injury during live pitching at the end of the Sydney spring camp in Australia, was delayed in arriving in Korea, and as a result of a detailed examination, he was diagnosed with dizziness caused by a bone bruise and a rest period of at least four weeks. It is expected that it will be difficult to start the actual game until mid-April. 

However, Dylan showed his will to return by warming up with a light catch ball at Jamsil Stadium on the 21st. Still, coach Lee said, “I played catch, but I was only lightly relaxed. Because the season is long, the only thing (ordered from Dylan) is ‘slowly, slowly’. 

The season opener is just over a week away. While Raul Alcantara is likely to be selected for the opening game, coach Lee will carefully decide after the second selection. He said, “Please give me a little more time. I don’t think we’ll make a decision until next week or so. Starting the first year, the order of selection is very important. I think I need to think a little more.”

he season.” 

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