Hwang Eui-jo, the answer found by the Seoul offensive team that was ‘only gorgeous’

The K-League returns on the 25th. In celebration of the opening, ‘Footballist’ introduces key recruits from each K League 1 team.  

Hwang Ui-jo has stopped living in Europe for a while and returned to the K-League. He was on a short-term loan for six months from Olympiacos to FC Seoul. It’s a comeback after 6 years. Hwang Eui-jo, who made his debut in the K-League by joining Seongnam Ilhwa in 2013, recorded 35 points and 8 assists in 140 games until 2017 when he moved to Gamba Osaka. 

There are various reasons why Hwang Eui-jo can be said to be Seoul’s key recruit. He is the most reliable resource that can boost Seoul’s poor scoring ability. Seoul is one of the teams that suffered from an empty space last season. The number of goals scored was far less than the chances created by the attacking camp. According to the ‘2022 K-League Technical Report’ published by the Professional Football Federation, Seoul’s expected goals last season were 50.8 goals, but only 43 goals were conceded. It was a below-average decision, and it was the 9th best scorer in the league. Although the key pass was 4th in the league with 7.1 circuits, the score was not good. 

No player scored in double digits. Na Sang-ho, Seoul’s top scorer, scored 8 goals, followed by Ilyuchenko (7 goals) and Cho Young-wook (6 goals). In the summer, Ilyuchenko was recruited to reinforce the front line, but it was not a clear solution. 

Hwang’s sense of weight is different안전놀이터. It can put emphasis on Seoul’s splendid offensive work. He is a striker who has scored in double digits for two consecutive seasons in the European big leagues. His scoring ability has already been proven. His strengths, his ability to penetrate and finish, were what Seoul needed the most. Coach Ahn Ik-soo also expected goals, saying, “What fans expect is to score in every game. That’s what Uijo looks like.” 

The use of Hwanguijo is diverse. You can go both one-top and two-top. One-top was the main task of the national team. In Seoul, the possibility of two tops with Ilyuchenko is also raised. I already tested the breathing of the two players in winter training. Ilyuchenko, who stays in the front, and Hwang Ui-jo, who shows active movement, are not bad in theory.

The variable is the body condition. After Hwang Eui-jo transferred to Olympiacos this season, he was in poor condition as he could not play properly. He continued his disappointing appearance by showing a lower-than-expected appearance in the national team.

He can think of the case of Lee Seung-woo, who returned to the K-League last season and recorded 14 goals and 3 assists. Lee Seung-woo had concerns about his skills beyond his game sense, but he proved himself. Looking at last year’s precedent, expectations for Hwang Ui-jo are even greater.

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