Han Se-yong, a Korean driver, leaves F1 and goes to the sports car stage

Han Se-yong (British name Jack Aiken), a Korean-British driver, gave up the challenge of Formula One (F1), the best racing car competition, and moved to a sports car.

According to a report by Motorsport.com, a magazine specializing in car racing, Han Se-yong decided to stop challenging race car competitions and focus on sports car competitions at the end of the contract with F1 Team Williams, which was until last year.

Since 2018, Han Se-yong has been working as a test driver or candidate driver for F1 teams such as Renault (currently Alpin) and Williams, aiming for an opportunity to play on the circuit as a main player.

However, he only made one appearance at the Sakir (Bahrain) Grand Prix in December 2020.

Seyong Han placed 16th in the event, and in the final standings of the season, he was only 22nd out of 23 drivers.

In an interview with Motorsport.com, Han Se-yong said, “Becoming a test driver was not my goal, but I’m lucky to have driven an F1 car like that,” he said. I think I wasted my time,” he said.

He continued: “I’m happy to pursue my dreams in sports car competitions. It’s exciting to challenge how far I can go.” 메이저사이트

Han Se-yong, who was born to a Korean mother and an English father, officially uses the name ‘Jack Aiken’, but boasts of ‘Korean blood’ enough to use his Korean name in the name of his SNS accounts such as Twitter and Instagram.

Seyong Han started karting at the age of 7 and dreamed of becoming a driver. In 2015, he was recognized for his potential by winning the season champion in the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps Series.

Seyong Han reached 2nd place in the ranking points in the GP3 series in 2017, debuted in his F2 in 2018, and took 5th place in the 2019 season, and his skills were recognized.

However, it was not easy to settle down in F1, the highest stage of racing cars, and eventually left Europe and took on a new challenge in sports car competitions centered on the United States.

On the 28th and 29th, Han Se-yong participated as a member of the Wellen Engineering Racing Team at Daytona 24, the highest endurance race in the United States, and helped the team rise to 5th place, showing a quick adaptation to the new stage.

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