Han Kyo-won’s simple diagnosis of ‘Jeonbuk’s 10th year’ “Communication is in the end”

 Jeonbuk Hyundai, which has a loud voice of criticism from fans, is walking on a path of hardship. In the two consecutive home matches against Pohang Steelers in the 5th round and Incheon United in the 6th round, the voices of the fans who wanted the resignation of head coach Kim Sang-sik and CEO Heo Byeong-gil rang in Jeonju Castle.

To make matters worse, in the game against Incheon,메이저사이트 when the fans did not cheer, the sound of ‘artificial cheering’ was suddenly heard. During the outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), recordings of fans cheering to overcome unattended games rang out. A question mark was attached to who played this cheer for what purpose, but at least externally, it is like announcing to the whole world that the Jeonbuk club and fans are not communicating.

It would be a lie if the players on the ground weren’t affected. The Jeonbuk team said that recent conversations have become more frequent. It is said that they are focusing on ‘how to recover fan spirit with better performance’.

After winning the match against Incheon, the angry fan spirit has softened a little, but only for a moment. If it goes wrong again in the following Suwon FC expedition or in the home game against Daejeon Hana Citizen, silence or criticism can come out.

In the end, a player who understands the team culture well should show the fans his performance. Han Kyo-won (33), who joined Incheon United in 2011 and transferred to Jeonbuk in 2014, has already been spending 10 years. Next to Cheol-soon “Jjalsuni” Choi, who joined Jeonbuk in 2006 and maintains the status of a franchise star, the green color is thick.

Han Kyo-won, whom we met after the Incheon game, said, “The players are always having a lot of conversations. , ‘Let’s play responsibly,’ we had a lot of conversations.”

Han Kyo-won came to Jeonbuk and had many joyous times. So the beginning of the year is really difficult for him too. Of course, last year also had a bad start, but by Jeonbuk’s standards, they achieved ‘the beauty of the end’ by finishing second in the league and winning the FA Cup. So, the fans’ vehement reaction could act as a burden if you look at it differently. Some fans even cheered the players by clapping their hands.

He said, “(This year) there are a lot of changes in the team. The players didn’t show a good look when they went out on the field. I’m reflecting a lot from the players. I think it didn’t work. Reflecting on the players, the people wearing all the emblems in Jeonbuk are putting their heads together and putting a lot of thought and effort into overcoming this situation well.”

I talk, but the banners that fans spread at the stadium hurt. In particular, the phrase to resign coach Kim Sang-sik, the head of the team, is strong. Han Kyo-won also replied, “I can see everything. I think we came this way because we were not good at this either. If we had good performance, good rankings, and played football that fans wanted, I don’t think it would have turned out that way.”

In the match against Incheon, he changed his defense to a flat 3 and achieved the goal of a scoreless victory. It is important to meet with a team that uses the same defense in the future and produce results. He said, “The way to solve it is in front, not behind. The future is more important. I can’t pick up what happened right now. I think the most important thing is to keep thinking and thinking about ways to overcome it, fight again, and try to change into a better shape.” He predicted a fierce frontal breakthrough.

Striker Han Kyo-Won has the ability to score goals at every turn and act as a turning point in Jeonbuk’s game flow. Speed ​​and breakthrough are his surefire weapons. This is why Han Kyo-won has to show his skills regardless of selection and replacement resources in Jeonbuk, which is being mixed with new players.

He said, “(Around) many people are worried. Many players have changed and seniors have left. Calls from seniors who have left are still coming. , They say they are worried a lot. It is important to protect what the older brothers have built up.

It’s difficult to just like the team. On the other side of Jeonbuk’s achievements, the condition of a good team, ‘united players – supportive fans – good front desk’ must roll together. Currently, everything is incongruity. Han Kyo-won also said, “In the end, communication is communication. Communication between juniors and seniors is important, but communication between the front desk and players, communication between coaching staff, players, and clubs, everything is important. I think everyone should try.”

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