Ha-seong Kim, MLB All-Star Fan Vote 1st tally NL second baseman 9th

Ha-seong Kim (27), the starting second baseman of the San Diego Padres, was the only Korean player to be named in the top 10 by position in the first tally of the MLB 2023 All-Star fan vote.메이저놀이터

Ha-seong Kim received 82,879 votes in the middle of the vote announced by the MLB Secretariat on the 13th (Korean time) and ranked 9th in the National League (NL) second baseman category.

Luis Araes (Miami Marlins) took first place with 509,092 votes, followed by Aji Albis (Atlanta Braves, 376,726 votes) and Nolan Gorman (St. Louis Cardinals, 245,524 votes). followed.

Ha-seong Kim had a batting average of 0.241, 5 homers and 11 stolen bases in 61 games this season, which was not bad.

He, in particular, continues to play an active role that is not revealed in the record with a stable defense.

Although the fan vote ranked ninth, the possibility of Kim Ha-sung playing in the All-Star game has not completely disappeared.

You can also be invited to the Feast of the Stars by recommending a director, etc.

A total of four Korean players have participated in the MLB All-Star Game.

Starting with Park Chan-ho in 2001, Byung-Hyun Kim (2002), Shin-Soo Choo (2018), and Hyun-Jin Ryu (2019) went to the All-Star Game.

Last year, Choi Ji-man (Tampa Bay Rays at the time) challenged, but after finishing 9th in the American League (AL) first baseman category, he was not even selected as a recommended player for the manager.

In this year’s midterm tally, the player who received the most votes across all positions was Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta, 1,086,537 votes), the number one NL outfielder.

1st place in the AL was ‘baseball genius’ Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who drew 924,182 votes in the designated hitter category.

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge led the AL outfielder with 844,965 votes.

The final 1st place player in each category of All-Star fan voting will be selected for the 2023 All-Star Game held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA at 9:00 am on the 12th of next month.

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