Ha Do-hyun’s fighting spirit for injury! Inje descended from the sky, rises to the throne for the first time in the season with a dramatic reversal

The sky descended from the sky and recovered its collapsed pride by holding the first championship cup this season in its arms. The joy was multiplied because it was the first win after overcoming the bad news of injury.스포츠토토

Heavenly Inje won 19-17 with a dramatic come-from-behind drama in the Korean League men’s final of the 3rd Yangsan Competition of the ‘KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023’ against Black Label Sports held on the 4th at the Yangsancheon Inline Skating Rink in Yangsan City, Gyeongsangnam-do. With this, Inje from the sky won the first championship this season and announced a revival.

After Noh Seung-Jun joined this season, he had a hard time collaborating with existing players and new players. As a result, in the last 1st and 2nd Seoul and Inje tournaments, they suffered a series of defeats, and now there is even an evaluation that the ‘Era of Heavenly Inje’ is over.

The prospect of winning this tournament was also bleak, as JBY SPORTS took a blow from the first match of the preliminaries. Due to shooter Kim Min-seop’s ankle injury during the preliminaries on the 4th, only 3 players had to compete in the final tournament on the 5th.

However, the person from the sky was a person from the sky. Their potential was displayed in a crisis. 3 minutes before the end of the game, they trailed by 4 points and seemed to be losing, but Ha Do-hyun showed his fighting spirit from injury, and the combination of Noh Seung-jun and Park Min-soo harmonized and started the chase.

Park Min-soo’s two-point shot tied the score at 13-13, and after that, Black Label Sports’ mistake led to a change in the flow of the game. The winner was about 50 seconds before the end. The main character who overturned the match was Ha Do-hyun. With the score at 16-16, Ha Do-hyun took the lead with his left hand despite a right wrist injury. In response, Kim Min-seop, who was watching the game from the stands, encouraged his teammates by shouting “fighting” even louder, and after that, In-je, who came down from the sky, was completely buoyed up.

And 30 seconds before the end, Ha Do-hyun succeeded in a 2-point shot from the top this time and ran away with a 3-point difference (19-16). In fact, it was a counter punch that put a wedge in the game. Here, Ha Do-hyun, who rose as the tension rose, brought the right to attack with a steel, and the game ended as time passed.

The final match between Haneulinje and Black Label Sports, where the highest level of 3×3 matches worthy of the Korea Tour main event, made the hands sweaty until the last minute, and at the end, Skydren Inje overcame the bad news of injury and created a dramatic come-from-behind drama, revealing why they are in Korea. They proved to be the best 3×3 team.

On the other hand, Black Label Sports, who unfortunately took second place, took away the 4-point lead and pledged their first chance to win the league division next. At the end of the game, Black Label Sports was completely weighed down by the spirit of Inje from the sky and chewed on the defeat.

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