Gangwon unveils 2023 season uniforms with more details… original collar design

Gangwon FC has unveiled a new uniform featuring strength.

Gangwon FC collaborated with equipment sponsor Fila Korea to produce the 2023 season uniform. The biggest feature of the new uniform is that the ‘collar’ has appeared for the first time since its establishment. It is a uniform with a classic design that utilizes the ‘collar neck’ as a point, so that fans can create a stylish uniform look in everyday life besides the stadium. As for the color, as in the previous season, the team’s emblem colors of orange, green, and yellow were used.먹튀검증

The home uniform is orange, the symbol of the club, with black points representing strength. The away kit used a mix of ivory and green. The goalkeeper kit was a combination of green and gold, yellow and green.

I didn’t miss the detail along with the color. The ridge of the Taebaek Mountains was patterned in a dynamic straight line on the entire uniform and sleeves. It features a design that embodies Gangwon FC’s sharp and fierce attack power and delicate play. It is also noteworthy that the shoulder and neckline are integrated into one piece so that players can feel comfortable wearing even during active movements and intense physical fights during the game.

Gangwon FC’s 2023 season uniform sales schedule will be announced later through the club’s social media.

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