Gangwon, break up with ‘long-term injury’ Kevin… Termination of the contract by mutual agreement 

Gangwon FC had a sad breakup after a year or so of recruiting Kevin Hoeg Jansson (22, Sweden). At the beginning of this season, he left the front line due to a long-term injury and terminated the contract under mutual agreement, putting an end to the partnership.

On the 15th,메이저사이트 Kangwon announced on the official social network service (SNS) that he would “finish his company with Kevin” and “will not forget the time we spent together and will cheer for the future.” According to Gangwon officials, it was decided to terminate the contract under mutual agreement.

Previously, Gangwon recruited Kevin in March of last year. As it was a resource recruited while looking into the future, a four-year long-term contract was signed. Slowly adapting to the K-League stage, he performed well as a center back and midfielder. He appeared in 21 matches (11 starting) and scored 1 goal.

Naturally, Kevin’s performance in the second season raised expectations in Gangwon. However, he was hit with an unexpected injury. He fractured his right foot in training and was placed on the long-term injured list. Director Choi Yong-soo (49) expressed regret, saying, “It will not be easy to return soon because it is a long-term injury.”

Gangwon eventually made a decision to terminate the contract by mutual agreement. In particular, in the midst of recent poor performance, he decided to end his company with Kevin, whose return point is still ‘opaque’, while trying to recruit new foreign players to reinforce his strength this summer.

An official from Gangwon said, “We have terminated the contract under mutual agreement with Kevin. It was a decision made because we did not know when to return due to a long-term injury. It should be in August or September, but even this is not certain.” He played an active part, but it was very regrettable that we parted.”

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