Full-scale attraction of Gangwon FC exclusive stadium in Chuncheon… Promote the propriety of building

According to Chuncheon City on the 12th, there is no dedicated stadium among the first teams in the professional soccer league, so they plan to inform the necessity of building a soccer-only stadium in the reservoir around Gongjicheon.

There is a sewage treatment plant in the vicinity 스포츠토토 of the Gongjicheon area, but it is expected to be relocated as early as 2026, so it is considered a suitable site.

The exclusive stadium is to be built with a size of 20,000 square meters and 11,000 seats, with a goal of 2028.

The required project cost is estimated at 100 billion won.

Gangwon FC’s exclusive stadium strongly hopes to attract other cities and counties in the province, but there is no specific plan to build a specific stadium as Gangwon-do has not announced its construction plan.

However, in preparation for Gangwon-do’s plan to materialize in the future, Chuncheon City is planning to respond preemptively.

Previously, on the 26th of last month, Mayor Yuk Dong-han started to create a football boom in Chuncheon by holding a group cheering match with about 100 city employees, city council members, and fan club members at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium, where Gangwon FC’s season opening game and away game were held.

Chuncheon City expects that when a dedicated stadium is built, it will be announced that it is a leisure and sports city with good access to the metropolitan area, while promoting the brand of a cultural and sports tourism city in connection with the annual visit of more than 10 million tourists.

An official from Chuncheon City said, “It is a project that Gangwon-do needs to promote, but we plan to preoccupy an advantageous position by informing the propriety of building a dedicated stadium in advance.”

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