‘Forward 36 points’ James counts down new NBA history beyond Abdul-Jabba

‘King’ LeBron James (39, LA Lakers) broke the record for the most points scored in the NBA’s career.

The Los Angeles Lakers will play home games against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Milwaukee Bucks on the 8th and 10th at noon at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, USA.

James is currently recording 38,352안전놀이터 points in his personal career on the NBA stage.

With only 36 points left to surpass the record of 38,387 points set by “legend” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (76), it is highly likely that a new history of the NBA will be written in the upcoming two games.

James, who is already in his 20th season, is showing off his veteran skills by averaging 30 points per game this season. This is higher than his all-time average points per game (27.2 points).

Looking at the numbers alone, it seems highly likely that a record will be written in the Milwaukee match on the 10th.

However, as James scored 36 or more points in 9 games this season, he may surpass Abdul-Jabbar in the game against Oklahoma City on the 8th.

Tickets for these two games skyrocketed as fans flocked to see the site of history.

StubHub, which sells tickets for the Crypto.com Arena, set the cheapest ticket price for the Oklahoma City game at $284 (about 357,000 won). This is 50% more expensive than the season average for the same type of ticket.

Ticket prices for Milwaukee are higher.

The ticket for the ‘court side’ seat, where you can watch the game up close, costs $48,403, which is a whopping 60.8 million won in our money.

However, to sit in the same seat in the game against Milwaukee, you have to pay an even higher price of 68,995 dollars (about 86.7 million won).

Reuters reported, “The Academy Awards season has begun in Hollywood, but the eyes are not on the red carpet, but on the Lakers’ home ground.”

The Abdul-Jabbar that James is trying to surpass is literally an NBA legend.

Abdul-Jabbar, who was a center of 218 cm, conquered an era with a ‘sky hook shot’ that was thrown from a high place and could not be blocked even after knowing it.

He played 1,560 games in 20 seasons, setting a record that has not been broken for 33 years.

If James surpasses Abdul-Jabbar’s record, NBA history will be written with each subsequent score.

Since James is still showing skills comparable to the ace of each team, there are predictions that he will reach the unprecedented level of scoring 40,000 points in his career.

According to local reports, Abdul-Jabbar will visit the Crypto.com Arena this week to join James as he breaks his own record.

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