Former coach Hillman joins hands with SSG Landers, ‘supporting foreign player verification, transferring advanced league management know-how’

 announced on the 22nd that it had signed a consultant contract with former manager Trey Hillman to strengthen the club’s competitiveness.

Former coach Hillman was appointed먹튀검증 as the 6th coach of SK Wyverns, the predecessor of SSG Landers in the 2017 season, and led the team to win the Korean Series the following year. · Has accumulated rich experience of success in various positions such as manager, coach, player, and front desk in the US and Japan leagues .

Accordingly, SSG plans to promote the advancement of club operation in various fields, such as support for verification of excellent foreign players, transfer of training techniques and team management know-how in advanced leagues, human exchanges abroad, coach and front desk training, etc. through consulting contracts and collaboration with Hillman. am.

The scope of this consultant’s business includes international scouting, player development support, sports science, human network establishment in advanced overseas leagues, and international business support such as educational leagues.

First, Hillman supports international scouting by verifying information that cannot be confirmed during the game, such as personality, peer relationships, and personal life, as well as player skills, based on a list of excellent foreign players selected by the club. In addition, we plan to analyze foreign players’ KBO league adaptation and success probability from various angles, and help them adapt to the league by regularly meeting with foreign players during the season.

In addition, SSG utilizes coach Hillman’s expertise in player development, who worked as a coach and development director for the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers in the minor leagues, to develop the team. is planned to be introduced.

Along with this, Hillman transfers major know-how of ‘Sports Science’, which MLB clubs are actively introducing to help players maximize their skills through scientific interpretation and utilization of sports, to SSG.

Based on his work experience at the LA Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Houston Astros, which have pioneered incorporating ‘sports science’ into baseball among MLB clubs, Hillman delivers various methods to enhance understanding and utilization of the field, and the club’s ‘ It will contribute to the internalization of ‘Sports Science’.

In addition, the club expects that former manager Hillman will be able to provide help in various fields, such as introducing an advanced operating system to SSG, recommending professional personnel, and connecting coaches and front desk training, through human networks with MLB clubs and officials.

After signing the contract, Hillman said, “I am delighted to be able to move towards the same goal as SSG once again. I want to contribute to the success of SSG Landers this season by mobilizing all the knowledge and human networks I have acquired in professional baseball over the past 39 years.”

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