“EPL star can’t defend because of the smell of farts” revealed → Every time he defended, ‘Boom ~ Boom ~ gas spray’ → “I can’t breathe” complained → Fans scored 50 goals ‘trumpet weapon’

 The secret of Manchester City Erling Holland, who is rewriting English Premier League history, has been revealed. It is said that he is completely a fart captain and farts without even trying. This fact was revealed by the opposing player.

The Daily Star,ㅋㅋㅋ벳 a British media outlet, said, ‘Holland has no respect. He complained that he farted whenever we approached him.’ So the press gave Haaland a new nickname, not just a scoring machine, but ‘The Fart Master’.

The player who revealed Haaland’s fart was none other than Bayern Munich midfielder Leol Gretzka. The thing is that when they approach him to play defense, Holland farts, causing pain to the defenders. He says it smells so bad it’s hard to breathe through his nose.

Haaland scored his 50th goal this season, fans say with a laugh that it was thanks to the ‘trump card’. It means that the trump card is a fart that annoys the defenders.

The first leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Man City and Bayern Munich was held at the Etihad Stadium in Man City in mid-month. Watching the video at this time, a funny scene was taken. There is a physical fight in the penalty box during a corner kick situation. Haaland has a smirk on his face, while opposing defenders hold their noses. It is evidence that Haaland used a ‘trump weapon’ to make the defender suffer.

The player holding the nose was midfielder Gretzka. No matter how painful he is, he puts air into his cheek to inflate it and holds his nose, waiting for the corner kick to come in.

“Haland has no respect for the opponent or the football,” Goretzka said. Every time we approached him, he farted.”

It’s funny how fans react after watching a video like this. One fan wrote, “I fart as a way to generate momentum.” It is a comparison of Holland’s momentary breakthrough.

Another fan explained that he needed to further develop his breakthrough power by saying, “You will still have to grow to reach the level of Gary Lineker.”

Fans also say they change Holland’s name. Nicknamed Erling Fartland. Partland means an imaginary land where residents fart and fly around.

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