Entering the first part… Pohang Baekseong-dong “I will do better than a special mind and determination”

 “I’ll do well.”

Pohang Steelers midfielder Baek Sung-dong (32) entered the K-League stage in 2017, but continued to stay in the second division. It wasn’t that he didn’t have a love call in Part 1. And ahead of the new season, I chose Pohang and advanced to the first division for the first time. Baek Seong-dong said, “I think it will be fun,” but “It is not the first time that I have a special mind and determination. I look forward to seeing what I will show (in Part 1). I will do well,” he said firmly.

Baek Seong-dong is in the middle of training, and he is adapting by watching videos that allow him to easily learn Pohang’s tactics. Baek Seong-dong said, “The goal in the first battery training is to build a good body without injury. I am a transfer student You have to quickly blend into the culture and tactics of the team. I think the defensive aspect is important as well as the offense, so I think I need to pay attention.” 바카라

The reason Baek Seong-dong chose Pohang was also the presence of director Kim Ki-dong. In the past, he worked with coach Kim as a coach when the late coach Lee Kwang-jong led the national team by age group. Also, coach Kim is one of the leaders who make good use of veterans. Baek Seong-dong said, “It’s the first time I’ve been with the coach in a professional team.” He maximizes the strengths of his players. He will follow the director’s wishes well,” he said.

Baek Seong-dong, who defined Pohang football as “attacking football played through good positioning,” is expected to be placed in the second line. It doesn’t matter where you are on the 2nd line. Of course, there are competitors. Kim In-seong, who is called ‘Speed ​​Racer’, has joined, and we must compete in good faith with existing resources, Jung Jae-hee and Kim Seung-dae. Baek Seong-dong can play as an attacking midfielder as well as on the left and right flanks. He said, “The second line is comfortable. I wonder if I will play in the second line. It’s a position I’ve always done, so I’m comfortable. I am confident in the competition,” he stressed.

Baek Seong-dong’s career high is 14 attack points (7 goals and 7 assists) in the 2019 season. His scoring is the most with 9 goals in the 2020 season. Baek Seong-dong said, “My personal goal is to become an attack point as a striker. He has not decided on a specific number, but he wants to help the team with offensive points.”

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