Endless evolution of the strongest sidearm at 157 km… Four-seam + check, LG bullpen full

“We have to throw two hearts at Ohtani.”

LG Lightspeed sidearm Jung Woo-young announced an upgrade in the offseason. He was reborn as the best bullpen pitcher in the KBO league with a two-seam that reached up to 157 km by calling on his physique, but he was not satisfied메이저사이트. He’s putting his four-seam on and correcting his slide step.

It makes so much sense. Jung Woo-young uses two-seam and slider, but he is actually a ‘one-pitch’ pitcher. According to Statties, a baseball statistics site, the two-seam usage rate in the 2022 season was a whopping 92.1%. The movement was so sharp that there was no problem.

However, Jung Woo-young focused on the difference between two-seam and four-seam movements. Recently at the LG Spring Camp Magazine at the San Francisco Giants Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, “Four-seam is a feeling of rising, but two-seam is a feeling of sinking. If you mix it well, wouldn’t it be better than adding another breaking ball?”

He throws two-seams, but has been targeting batters by giving high and low pitches. However, he had difficulties when manning hitters at eye level. Jung Woo-young said, “When I threw a two-seam highball, it floated high from the beginning, so the hitters didn’t react. But when he throws a four-seam highball, it goes down low and then goes up.” This means that a four-seam is better to attract than a two-seam when throwing high. There is little difference between the two pitches.

As it turns out, I’m finally trying out what I had planned 3 years ago. Yoo Kang-nam (Lotte) was in a position to maximize the advantages of two-seam, but Park Dong-won (LG), who was newly breathing, voted in favor of Jung Woo-young’s change. Park Dong-won told Jung Woo-young, “I was thinking about that too. If the pitcher wants to throw, it is right to throw. It’s not like I’m forced to throw it where I don’t like it.” Jung Woo-young said, “Now I will try to throw steadily.”

There is another change in Jung Woo-young. The slide step is simply improved. In fact, since it is a sidearm, the ability to control runners is inevitably reduced. However, if you minimize the time the ball leaves the arm after entering the pitching motion, you can supplement your ability to control runners. In the case of sidearm pitchers, there are many cases where the glove height is changed in the set position.

Jung Woo-young said, “Actually, there is no big difference. He throws it from the flat and catches it.” However, he said, “It seems a little crazy. He said, “There can be chaos in the sign in team play, but other than that, it’s fine.” He has time to adapt.

Jung Woo-young came to Scottsdale earlier than his teammates at the end of January and is preparing to join the WBC national team in optimal condition. He is in the position that he will not avoid meeting Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels). Of course, he said, “I have to throw a two-seam.”

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