Dutch big leaguer, MLB’s first record… USA→Canada→England→Mexico home run in 4 countries

Zander Bogaerts 메이저사이트(San Diego Padres), born in Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands, became the first player in the major leagues to hit a home run in four different countries, setting a new record. He hit home runs not only in the United States and Canada, but also in England and Mexico, where his world tour was held.

Bogatz hit a home run in the 4th inning 7-8 in a game against the San Francisco Giants in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at the Estadio Alfredo Arp Helu in Mexico City, Mexico on the 30th (Korean time). With this home run, Bogarts became the first major leaguer ever to hit a home run in Mexico after the United States, Canada and England.

Bogaerts’ first home run in his debut came on September 8, 2013 against the Yankees. He was lucky to be with the Boston Red Sox. Boston is the only major league club in Canada, the same American League Eastern Division as the Toronto Blue Jays. Thanks to this, Bogarts had many chances to hit a home run in an away game in Canada, and on September 20, 2015, he crossed the fence at the Rogers Center for the first time.

It is difficult to escape home runs in the two countries of the U.S. and Canada by only playing ordinary regular season games. But Bogarts was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to play in England and Mexico.

In the ‘London Series’ held in England in 2019, the most traditional rivalry, the New York Yankees, and Boston, a team belonging to Bogatz at the time, participated. Bogarts hit a home run in the second game of the London Series against the New York Yankees at London Stadium, England on July 1, 2019.

This year’s ‘Mexico Series’ was held at the home game of San Diego. San Diego is a club located just 27.4 kilometers from the Mexican border. Bogarts also hit a home run in the ‘Mexico Series’ on April 30, becoming the first ‘home run hitter in four countries in the regular season’ in major league history.

Meanwhile, Estadio Alfredo Arp Elu, the baseball stadium where the Mexico Series was held, is a baseball stadium built at an altitude of 2240m above sea level. It is much higher than Coors Field, which is about 1600m. Hallasan Baeknokdam is 1950m high, so it is a baseball field higher than the summit of Hallasan Mountain.

It was heaven for others including Bogatz. In the game on the 30th, 5 people in San Diego combined 6 home runs, and 5 people in San Francisco combined for 5 homers. 10 batters hit a home run in one game is the highest ever.

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