Durant met 4 managers in 7 months… Phoenix appoints Vogel as new manager

Vogel heads to Phoenix.

‘ESPN’ announced on the 3rd (Korean time) that the Phoenix Suns are in the final stages of appointing Frank Vogel as their new manager. The terms are a total of $31 million over a five-year contract period.

Phoenix, which failed to achieve its goal of winning the championship this season, parted ways with former manager Monty Williams and found a new coach. Phoenix was also known for actively courting Nick Nurse, but Nurse chose Philadelphia over Phoenix.메이저사이트

In addition to Nurse, many other people were mentioned as candidates for Phoenix’s new manager. There were veterans like Doc Rivers, and young people like coach Kevin Young were also on the list. Meanwhile, Phoenix’s choice is Frank Vogel.

Vogel, who had coached Indiana, Orlando, and Lakers, has been the brightest moment in his leadership career so far in the 2019-2020 season when he led the Lakers. Vogel, who led the Lakers, the best defense team in the league, smiled broadly as he tasted the championship.

But the glory days did not last long. In the playoffs the following year, Vogel’s Lakers were eliminated early in the first round. In the 2021-2022 season, he dreamed of an ambitious leap forward by recruiting Russell Westbrook, but suffered the humiliation of not being able to advance to the play-in tournament. Vogel, who was eventually pushed out of the manager’s position, spent this season as a savage.

Vogel, who exposed many problems during his Lakers days and left regrets. However, having the experience of standing at the top may have made Phoenix, an extreme win-win, attractive. He certainly has an advantage in that he built league-best defenses at Indiana and the Lakers.

Vogel, who worked with LeBron James at the Lakers, will meet another top forward, Kevin Durant, in Phoenix. After Steve Nash-Jacques Von-Monty Williams, Durant has hired four managers in seven months, including Vogel.

Meanwhile, Phoenix is ​​known to want coach Kevin Young, who was mentioned as a strong candidate for a new manager, to remain with the team. Coach Young may reject Phoenix’s courtship and leave for another team in the NBA.

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