Director Hu In-jung, who was angry at the wrong judgement, “The judge said it couldn’t be overturned… Turns out there was no such rule”

KB Insurance coach Hu In-jeong, who had strongly protested against misreading of the video by the referees during a recent game, demanded a flexible attitude from the V-League referees.

In an interview with News 1 on the 9th, Director Hu recalled that time, “It was an obvious mistake for anyone to see.”

“When the assistant referee said, ‘We admit our mistake. Instead, we can’t overturn it,’ he said, ‘Of course, that’s all I knew.” said. 바카라

Regarding the video reading-related misjudgments that have occurred in succession in recent V-League games, he criticized the high attitude of the referees, saying, “The coach and players are well aware of the rules of volleyball, but if you ask something, they do not always say that they are right.”

After starting the second half with the first shutout of the season against Woori Card on the 6th, the coach said, “The goal is still to win.”

Coach Hu said, “As Hwang Taek-eui, who has been absent for nearly a month, is in better shape, he will be able to achieve better results in the second half.” said.

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