‘Despite the victims of the disaster’ in the EPL again… arena expulsion

Liverpool have expelled 16 visiting Chelsea fans from the stadium for mocking the Hillsborough disaster.

Liverpool and Chelsea played an English Premier League (EPL) match at Anfield, Liverpool’s home ground, on the 21st (Korean time) and drew 0-0. 안전놀이터

According to ‘The Athletic’, supporters of both teams were judged by safety officers for their aggressive cheering attitude, and in particular, the Chelsea supporter’s slogan referring to the Hillsborough disaster was a problem. The Hillsborough Disaster was a stampede that killed 97 football fans during a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England in 1989.

When fans who shouted related slogans refused to comply with the order to stop, they were kicked out of the stadium by security personnel. The Liverpool club are in talks with authorities about further action.

This is not the first time this slogan has appeared in the arena. Originally, there were often extreme fans who mentioned disasters to stimulate the opposing team, but this season is especially severe. At the beginning of the season, a survivor of the disaster sent a letter to the EPL authorities, saying, “I hear this slogan repeatedly every week at the Liverpool game,” and appealed for the need for action, and the authorities also expressed their intention to deal with it as an important issue.

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