Czech Republic meeting with the national team at the WBC

In Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic is known to have fairly flat baseball skills.

In particular, in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), he passed the first round of European/African qualifiers and reached the stage of the second round of the finals. The Czech Republic, a country that is strong in soccer enough to defeat the national team 0-5 ahead of the 2002 World Cup, appears on the world stage with baseball this time. The Czech Republic will form a group with the Korean national team and meet at the WBC. Whether it’s soccer or baseball, it can’t be a ‘strange relationship’.

Silent and steady Czech baseball,
no experience in winning the European championship, but steady participation

The characteristic of Czech baseball is that it is ‘steady without sound’. This is the first time he has participated in the WBC, and he has never won the European Baseball Championship, but he has consistently stood out on the European stage. In particular, in 2014, he achieved the best 4th place at the European Championships ever. That’s why it is ranked 15th in the World Baseball Softball Federation rankings. That’s not 바카라a bad ranking.

In 2008, the World University Baseball Championship was held, showing an active appearance in hosting tournaments. At the time, the Czech Republic only won one match against Lithuania, but it was meaningful in that it was an international tournament held in Europe. Also, along with Prague, ‘Brno’ is known as the core city of baseball in the Czech Republic. It is also the venue for the 2023 European Baseball Championship.

Its own league is the ‘Extraliga’, which was founded in 1970. It starts in April every year and each team plays 35 matches, with a total of 10 teams participating. There is no separate promotion and relegation system, and after the top four teams play off, the last two surviving teams play the championship. ‘Draci Brno’, which is based in Brno, is recorded as the team with the most championships.

In addition to the Xrtal Liga, age-specific leagues are also held. There are 21-year-old and 18-year-old league matches, and there is also a club league match, so it is quite large in Europe. There is also a series of regional championships on which national teams are formed. It is also the reason why the Korean national team meeting at the WBC can never be lightly dealt with.

It was also thanks to 36-year-old firefighter Martin Schneider that the Czech Republic was able to reach the WBC stage. Schneider took the mound as a starter in the match against Spain and led the Czech Republic to the WBC finals with a one-run reverse pitch in 6 1/3 innings. In this way, most of the players in Europe are ‘two-job people’ who have a main job while digesting the league as it is.

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