“Concentrate on your team” Kim Min-jae…’colleague discord’ also raised

However, the interview with Kim Min-jae right after yesterday’s match caused a big stir.

He said, “I want to focus on my team rather than the national team,” suggesting his retirement from the national team, but today he explained that the meaning of his remarks was misrepresented on his social media.

This is reporter Son Jang-hoon.

Yesterday, during the match against Uruguay, 메이저놀이터Kim Min-jae showed a dissatisfied expression on the game


[Kim Min-jae/Soccer National Team]
“It’s a bit difficult, and I’m in a very broken state mentally, and I just want to focus on my team rather than the national team…” I was speechless as the question continued


[Kim Min-jae/National Soccer Team]
“Is it coordinated with (the Football Association) or is it a sudden statement?

This season, from Naples to the Champions League, he played in 35 matches, except for one, but the sudden remarks of the 27-year-old national team’s main defender caused a big stir. I posted an explanation.

“I’m sorry to the fans, and the meaning of hardship was misrepresented,” he said.

The Korea Football Association has complained that Kim Min-jae was mentally and physically difficult in January after the World Cup, and through a meeting with coach Klinsman, he sought a sense of stability and evolved that it would not be a retirement declaration. There is also a cautious guess that the controversial association’s appointment of medical trainers may have had an impact.

The association announced that coach Klinsman will meet Kim Min-jae in person in Italy next month to find out his true intentions.

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