Combination of IT-Sports… Become ‘Bodybuilder’ with new convergence technology

The sports industry, which was hit hard by the corona virus, is recovering and stretching again.

It is an indoor and outdoor sport that can be enjoyed like a game by combining it with IT technology, so you can take care of both health and fun.

Attention is focusing on whether the sports industry can become a new avenue for our export road, which is slowing down.

This is reporter Kim Jang-hyun.


Spectators pull rowing equipment, also known as rowing machines, incessantly.

Thanks to the wearable device and display worn on the chest, real-time heart rate and maximal exercise were checked, making repetitive fitness movements enjoyable.

Let’s see how fast I can pull with this device.

It’s been a while, but it burns 20 calories.

Spectators wearing augmented reality glasses on their eyes and sensors on their wrists split into teams to play the game.

It is a new game-type sport in which a ball is thrown in augmented reality with virtual images added to reality, and is being played in over 40 countries around the world.

Here, spatial coordinate technology, cloud technology, real-time streaming and motion recognition technology, and player ranking system from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and British companies are integrated.

<Choi Hyun / CEO of an augmented reality sports company> “Augmented reality is the gateway to the metaverse. You can play non-face-to-face games without meeting in person. It can become a metaverse sport that spectators can바카라 watch in a virtual arena.”

A watch worn on the wrist measures the diver’s condition, oxygen level, depth, and temperature in the water, and the underwater scooter can attach a smartphone and take underwater pictures.

<Lee Seung-won / Head of Overseas Marketing Department, Korea International Trade Association> “Demand for health through sports and exercise is increasing. We will continue to match buyers to support them until the end to increase exports.”

We are looking forward to seeing if the sports industry converged with IT technology can become another driving force along with the recovery of daily life in our export road, which has recently slowed down.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Jang-hyun.

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