Choi Ji-man demands an annual salary of $5.4 million… MLB Pittsburgh offers $4.65 million (comprehensive)

Choi Ji-man (32), who transferred to the Pittsburgh Pirates of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB), failed to agree on an annual salary. said, “Pittsburgh and Choi Man-man could not conclude negotiations until 3:00 am (Korean time) on the 14th, the deadline for the salary agreement,” and “If both sides fail to reach an annual salary agreement, the decision of the annual salary adjustment committee to be held in February will be canceled.” will follow,” he said.

Famous reporters of the American media, such as Mark Finesand and John Heyman, introduced on their Twitter account that Choi Man-man asked for an annual salary of 5.4 million dollars (about 6.7 billion won) this year, and Pittsburgh offered 4.65 million dollars (5.78 billion won). . The difference between the two sides is $750,000.

Choi Ji-man asked for an amount higher than expected (4.5 million dollars) by MLB, which deals with news on player transfers, and Pittsburgh also offered a larger amount than expected.

Choi Ji-man received an annual salary of 3.2 million dollars for the Tampa Bay Rays last season and was traded to Pittsburgh after achieving a batting average of 0.233, 11 homers and 52 RBIs.

Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh can conclude negotiations at any time if they close the gap even after the deadline for salary agreement. However, if you run parallel lines, you have to rely on the final decision of the salary adjustment committee.

As a result, interest has emerged as to whether Choi Ji-man will apply for an annual salary adjustment in two years after 2021.

Choi Ji-man, who failed to reach an annual salary agreement with Tampa Bay in February 2021, won the final ruling that went to the Salary Adjustment Committee.

After hearing the opinions of the players and clubs, the Salary Adjustment Committee raised one hand, and instead of the Tampa Bay team’s plan of 1.85 million dollars at the time, the salary adjustment committee confirmed Choi’s desired amount of $2.45 million as the annual salary.슬롯사이트

Choi Ji-man may win again, but if he goes to the Salary Adjustment Committee, an emotional battle with the new team, Pittsburgh, is unavoidable.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, a local newspaper in Pittsburgh, said, “It is not common to go to the salary adjustment committee,” and “because the club has to point out the player’s shortcomings, and in the process, the player can hurt feelings.”

The media predicted, “If Pittsburgh does not intend to hold Choi Ji-man after the 2023 season, he may be able to take a cool stance at the Salary Adjustment Committee.”

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