Brazilian MMA star Mauro Shoule is shot and killed after violent altercation with military police

Brazilian media Radiwa Guaiba reported that Shoule was shot during an altercation, citing the announcement of Shoule’s management company, Team Goat Management (TGM), that he eventually died.

According to Guaiva and foreign media,메이저사이트 Shoule and his colleague had an altercation with the military police, resulting in a shooting. They were immediately taken to the hospital, but Shawle died. However, the police officer is said to have survived after undergoing emergency surgery. TGM shared the sad news of Shoule, saying via Instagram, “Unfortunately, today we lost another great man to the brutal daily violence in Brazil. You were special and will never be forgotten by us . ” Oullett lost last year’s Cage Fury Fighting Championships, but has 13 victories in MMA.

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