“Being together makes me feel secure…I won thanks to my wife”

Kim Si-woo (28), who succeeded in making a birdie, a chip about 8m away on the 17th hole, roared with clenched fists. It was like watching the uppercut ceremony against Justin Thomas (USA) in the Presidents Cup four months ago.

However, in front of his wife Oh Ji-hyeon (26), he became a gentle sheep as if he had never been. Kim Si-woo, who made a birdie on the 18th hole that followed, hugged his wife tightly with a bright smile when Hayden Berkeley (USA), who played from behind, finished the last hole with a par and the first-stroke victory was confirmed. 카지노

Kim Si-woo, who recorded 4 wins on the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, said, “I thought it would be worth trying (to win) as the chip-in became dramatic on the 17th hole. He said, “I thought it would be possible if I finished the 18th hole well,” and said, “I was able to win because it matched well.”

It is the first time in 15 years that a Korean player has won the Sony Open since Choi Kyung-joo (53) in 2008. Kim Si-woo, who also won the Players Championship, the ‘fifth major’ that Kyung-ju Choi won in 2011, in 2017 said, “I always seem to win in the competitions that professional Choi Kyung-ju won. It’s a good sign,” he said. “Since Pro-nim Choi has won many competitions, I think I can follow suit and win other competitions. It is an honor to be able to follow the paved path.”

On December 18 last year, Kim Si-woo, who married Oh Ji-hyun, who won 7 wins on the KLPGA tour, after about two years of dating, said, “It was the first tournament after marrying Ji-hyun. When she was in a relationship, even if her wife came, she had to leave after a week or two. When the day comes, I miss you and miss you,” he said. I think stability came and I was able to win quickly.”

Oh Ji-hyun said, “When I was a player, I was more nervous than playing. I am more proud and proud because I know how hard I struggle as a player,” he said. She continued, “I plan to attend all competitions together,” and explained her plans for the future, saying, “Now, I will work hard as the wife of Si-woo Kim, a professional golfer, rather than as a golf player.”

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