Baseball or Rocket…’168.3 Miles’ is Major League Baseball’s Fastest Fastball Ever Recorded

A top speed of 104.6 miles per hour (about 168.3 kilometers per hour).

The fastest fastball in Major League Baseball (MLB) this season was set by Joan Duran (Minnesota Twins-25). It took him eight months to surpass his previous career-high of 103.8 mph, set last September against the White Sox.메이저놀이터

Duran, who made his debut last year, unleashed a fearsome fastball in the top of the ninth inning of the Twins’ home game against the San Francisco Giants at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Friday.

After striking out the first batter he faced, Duran’s next opponent was Wilmer Flores.

After touching 103.3 miles per hour on his first pitch, Duran hit 104.4 miles per hour on his second and 104.6 miles per hour on his third. He became the eighth pitcher to throw at least 104 miles per hour since pitch tracking was introduced to the major leagues in 2008.

But Flores cut them all down and took a four-pitch curveball for a double.

With the bases loaded, Duran struck out the next batter, Casey Schmidt, to end the game.

Duran also threw a 104.0-mile-per-hour fastball to Schmidt, showing off his power.

Meanwhile, Jordan Hicks (St. Louis) and Aroldis Chapman (Kansas City), two of MLB’s most dominant fastball pitchers, have topped out at 103.8 mph.

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