Arsenal’s “difficulty”…Munich is also ‘go away’ as the No. 1 recruitment target

Arsenal is in a difficult situation.

British media Sky Sports reported on the 23rd that “Tomas Tuchel, head coach of Bayern Munich (Germany), is interested in recruiting Declan Rice (24, West Ham United).”

Rice is considered one of the best defensive midfielders in the Premier League. It covers a wide midfield based on its vigorous activity. He is also good at protecting the defense team due to his excellent defense. The pass is also good, which helps the team develop.

It is currently Arsenal’s top pick. It is aiming to strengthen its midfield in preparation for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season. According to the British media Daily Mail, it is known that it has already prepared ,90 million (about 146.9 billion won) to recruit Rice.메이저사이트

▲ Arsenal boss Arteta is showing interest in signing Rice.

▲ Will Rice be able to play with “Munich’s undisputed main player”

Rice is also likely to transfer this summer. The continued interest determined me to leave. West Ham’s contract also expires in June 2024.

Munich entered the full-fledged recruitment battle here. Coach Tuchel wants a defensive midfielder. However, the media raised the question of whether they could afford the expensive transfer fee.

Munich is famous for not spending as much money as other big clubs. Luca Hernandez’s transfer fee of 80 million euros (about 113.6 billion won), which was recruited in 2019, is a “club record.” The amount West Ham want is set higher than 80 million euros.

In addition, traffic arrangement in the midfield should be carried out first. Leipzig’s joining of Konrad Rhymer is already imminent. It is expected to clean up the existing midfielders.

Candidates for the release include Marcel Javitzer and Ryan Hravenberg, who left Manchester United (England) on loan. The media also raised the possibility of selling Leon Goretzka if the two players are not sorted out. There is a lot of work to be done to recruit Rice.

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mail, Arsenal are considering Huavin Neves (Wolverhampton) and Moises Caicedo (Brighton) as the next best option if they fail to recruit Rice.

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