An unprecedented situation in Barcelona… Unable to register key players

Barcelona are unable to register Pablo Gavi on their roster.

Gabi started his football career at Real Betis and joined the Barcelona youth team at the age of 11. Gaby, who has already been considered the best talent in Barcelona youth, has raised fans’ expectations by participating in first-team training since last season. As if to live up to his expectations, Gabi has accumulated experience by playing many games since his first season. Gabi’s performance continues this season. His record is 3 assists, but Garvey’s true value stands out even more outside of his stats.

Barcelona intends to accompany Gabi for a long time. Gabi signed a new contract with Barcelona in September last year. His contract lasts until 2026, and the buyout amounts to a whopping 1 billion euros (approximately 1.3444 trillion won). It was virtually impossible to sell, and it was a testament to how much Barcelona cares about Gabby. But a problem arose. There have been rumors that Barcelona will not be able to register Gaby on their roster if the new contract terms come into effect.

because of salary issues. Spanish La Liga operates a salary cap system that prevents the sum of players’ salaries from exceeding a certain amount. Barcelona continue to suffer from financial problems in recent seasons, and despite trying various measures, including activating economic levers, they are unable to completely solve the problem. 토토사이트

In general, when a player renews his contract, it is natural for his salary to rise. However, if the salary increase based on the renewal contract is applied to the salary cap, Barcelona cannot register Gaby on the list. As Gabi is a key resource for the team, this is expected to be fatal for Barcelona.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. It is to appoint gabi as a condition before renewing the contract. Barcelona won’t mind using a player for a lower salary, but it’s a method Garbi won’t prefer. However, Gabi also has no other way to compete. If Gabi goes to the game based on the previous contract, 2020, he has to run with number 30 without even being able to change his uniform number, which was supposed to be changed to number 6.

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