Acting coach Kim Joo-seong, a legend in the professional basketball DB, won a thrilling victory in his first game at the helm.

Acting Kim, who gave instructions while his throat was hoarse, was baptized with congratulatory water.

This is reporter Ha Moo-rim’s report.


Two days ago, DB coach Lee Sang-beom voluntarily resigned due to poor performance, and Kim Joo-seong became the acting coach.

It was the first game as a nervous command tower, but he directed the players with passion.

My throat was already hoarse in the 3rd quarter.

[Kim Joo-seong/Acting DB Manager : “We have to prepare here. Let’s all prepare here!”]

Right before the end of the 4th quarter, Hyundai Mobis Lee Woo-seok gave a painful tying shot, and the game went into overtime.

Acting Kim’s voice became more hoarse in the ongoing tight game. [Kim Joo- seong

/Acting DB Manager : “If (the shot) goes in, it’s an all-switch (defense switch)! All-switch!” Acting Kim tasted the joy of winning his commanding tower debut match, and was showered with congratulations from the players during the interview. [Kim Joo-seong/Acting DB Manager: “I think the players did a good job because it suddenly happened like this because I was out of my mind.”] 안전놀이터

Acting Kim, one of KBL’s greatest legends, who recorded the first 1,000 blocks in professional basketball history and won three championships, emphasized that he would quickly reorganize the team.

[Kim Joo-seong/Acting DB Manager: “There’s still a break for the All-Star Game, but I want to repay you with better play.”]

Carrot, who caused the delayed wage payment, won two consecutive victories by defeating LG.