A par 3 hole where you need to hit a driver, a par 4 hole where you can’t hit a driver… It’s sad to be a single hitter [Oh Tae-sik’s Golf Story]

As the longest par 3 hole in Korea, it gives the impression of looking at a par 4 hole from the tee, and the mound located in front of the green puts pressure on the player.’

This is a description of the 1st hole of the Persimmon course on the homepage of Solmoro CC located in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do. It is the longest par 3 hole in Korea, reaching 221 yards from white tees, which are usually played by amateur golfers, and 245 yards from black tees for players. Now, what club will you tee off on this hole?

Many weekend golfers get into trouble for a moment, but most of them catch a driver on this hole. And there are many cases where you can’t put it on the green even after taking a driver tee shot. However, there are weekend golfers who never catch a driver on this hole. This is because catching a driver on a par 3 hole itself is linked to self-esteem issues. ‘Par 3 holes are irons’, no matter how much concessions are made, ‘par 3 holes are woods’ 안전놀이터. Even if he dies soon, isn’t a man a street?

However, among weekend golfers with a short tee shot distance, there are some golfers who catch drivers even in par 3 holes less than 200 yards. Over 170-180 yards and there is a long hazard in front of the green, there are quite a few cases where you get a better score when catching a driver than a wood or long iron. If you throw away your petty pride, the driver becomes a ‘great weapon’ on long par 3 holes.

The advantages of the par 3 hole driver tee shot are numerous. First of all, unlike when holding long irons or woods, you do not have to apply excessive force. This is because a driver can send 160 to 170 yards just by focusing on the impact with a light swing and hitting the ‘tuk’. In particular, when there is a dangerous obstacle in front of the green, the driver reduces anxiety and reduces the chance of a miss shot.

At this time, there is always a nasty opponent who says this. “It is against the law to catch a driver on a par 3 hole.” However, golf is a sport where you can use any of the 14 clubs in your golf bag.

In professional golf tournaments, par 4 holes are set short to attract interest by inducing competition for ‘driver shot one-on’. Hana Jang, the main character of the first “par 4 hole hole-in-one” on the LPGA tour in 2016, was also written in this “driver bubble par 4 hole”. At the time, the hole was only 218 yards long.

There are long par 3 holes that are good if you hit a driver, but some golf courses also have short par 4 holes that do not allow you to catch a driver. There are especially many 9-hole public golf courses, but even on 18-hole regular courses, there are cases where drivers cannot be caught due to ‘special circumstances’. Because it is set by the local rules of the golf course, even a golfer with a short tee shot distance must observe it. It is often a dogleg hole that curves rapidly. It is a measure to prevent long hitters who make tee shots aimed directly at the green.

Last year, among golf courses in the metropolitan area, tee shots were not allowed on par 4 holes, so I had to hit a tee shot with a wood. Of course, it was a hole that curves badly to the left. You can safely hit a tee shot to the right with a wood or iron, but since the distance to the green is long, most try a tee shot over the bunker located on the left side of the fairway. You need to send a good 160 yards on a carry (flying distance) to safely cross the bunker. It is a distance that long hitters can pass with a wood. However, it is not easy for the so-called ‘jjalsooni’ to cross this distance. In addition, the bunker jaw is quite high, so if you fall into a bunker, it is difficult to aim for the green right away. At that time, one out of four people suffered a ‘fatal fire’ because they could not cross the bunker.

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