A new challenge for the ‘end boss’… Oh Seung-hwan, who made a ‘starter’ after 19 years of debut

The starting lineup of the final boss. Baseball fans flocked to Daegu for the unfamiliar but expected words. What was the first ‘starter Oh Seung-hwan’ I saw after 19 years of his debut?

Instead of the ringing of a bell every time you start the mound and the grand appearance that follows, you stand on a mound that no one has stepped on and stand in front of the national anthem announcing the start of the game.

All of this is a first for Oh Seung-hwan in his 19 years of professional debut.

This scene,메이저사이트 which even baseball fans are unfamiliar with, is actually a breakthrough for Oh Seung-hwan, who is shaking.

During his first 10 games of the year, he rose to the finisher, but when he showed a sluggish performance with an ERA of 4.5, it is an order to get on the mound first and toss for a long time to improve the sense of the game.

[Jeong Hyun-wook/Samsung Pitching Coach: The starter position is a situation where you can lead it even if you give a certain amount of points, so try to convince yourself.] The beginning of the first ‘

starter Oh Seung-hwan’ in his life was refreshing.

Against Lee Jeong-hoo, the best hitter in the league, he got an out count with 3 balls and even showed a faint smile…

He gave up a two-run home run straight away, and in the second inning, another run was taken away.

Whenever that happened, Oh Seung-hwan was shaken and saddened, but slowly regained his firmness.

He struck out a total of six while not giving up a single run from the third inning onwards.

Oh Seung-hwan threw up to 5 innings, then went down the mound and set a new personal record for most pitches with 73 pitches and most innings.

However, Samsung announced that ‘starter Oh Seung-hwan’ was only today, and again ‘finish Oh Seung-hwan’.

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