9 games canceled due to rain… KIA is not worrying for nothing right now 

 “I’m already worried about the end of the season.”

The KIA Tigers currently play 44 games, the fewest among 10 clubs. Currently, 9 matches have been canceled. Compared to the 51 games played by Kiwoom, which uses a dome stadium, there are quite a few differences.메이저놀이터

The problem is that there are not many cancellations at the Gwangju home. On the 1st, the match against KT in Gwangju was canceled due to ground conditions after rain, but only 2 games were canceled at home. Instead, 7 matches were canceled on the road. I couldn’t play a three-game series on two occasions. Suwon’s 3-game series against KT in early April was canceled due to rain and no games. In addition, the three consecutive Children’s Day events scheduled to be held in Changwon in early May were not held. In addition, there are a total of 7 games, including 1 game for Daegu Samsung. Suwon and Daegu Changwon must visit when organizing the remaining games later.

In a situation where key players are missing right now, the cancellation of rain can be welcome. Because it buys time to build normal power. However, coach Kim Jong-guk is more concerned about the remaining games in the second half of the season. In particular, when the rainy season begins, there will be more canceled games, so the current 9 game cancellations are a burden.

Head coach Kim Jong-guk said ahead of the resignation Lotte game on the 2nd, “I am physically good right now. The atmosphere is getting better,” he said, “but expressed concerns about the number of canceled games. Coach Kim said, “Too many games have been canceled due to rain. To be honest, I’m more worried about the latter. Other teams have to rest in the tough September or the second half of the season, but we have a lot of games to play,” he said, worrying, saying, “We should have played more games before the heat and rainy season came.”

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