4 out of 5′ Kang Min-goo, the first professional billiard championship after the 5th challenge

Machine Gun’ Kang Min-goo (39, Blue One Resort) reached the top of the professional billiards PBA tour for the first time after ‘4 out of 5 seasons’.

In the PBA final of the Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang PBA-LPBA Championship held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 24th, Kang Min-gu defeated Ngo Dinnai (Vietnam, SK Rent-A-Car) with a set score of 4-2 (14-15 15-6 2-15 15- 7 15-9 15-5) and won the championship. It is the first win in four seasons since debuting on the professional billiards PBA tour.

Kang Min-gu won runner-up at the PBA Panasonic Open, the first tour since the launch of professional billiards, and took second place four times until the 2020-2021 season. In this competition, it reached the final stage after 710 days, and in the fifth final, it lifted the trophy.

Kang Min-goo exchanged one set with Ngo Dinnai until the 4th set in the final match, and the set score was 2-2. The balance was broken in the 5th set. Kang Min-goo, who had been dragged 2-9 until the 5th inning in the 5th set, made three consecutive 2-point bank shots in the 6th inning and immediately tied the score. After Ngo Din Nai’s subsequent attack was canceled, she tied up two bank shots again and added 6 points to win the 5th set 15-9.헤라카지노도메인

Kang Min-goo, who gained momentum, took a huge lead 6-0 at the beginning of the 6th set, and eventually finished with 15-5.

In the final, Kang Min-goo succeeded in 16 bank shots, his special skill. Out of the 76 points he scored in the finals, he showed terrifying concentration by scoring 32 points (42.1%), almost half of them, through bank shots.

After the match, Kang Min-gu said, “I got goosebumps immediately after winning. A thrill rose from the bottom of my back. I feel like I’m bursting out the resentment that has been formed in my heart due to the sluggish performance so far,” he said. Next, Kang Min-goo expressed his determination, “I will prepare well for the remaining tournaments, the 8th tour and the postseason, and I will do my best to prepare for the World Championship.”

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