“30-70 is not a dream” Venezuelan bomber flew 141m and ran 8.6m per second

Atlanta Braves Ronald Acuna Jr. from Venezuela is raging with the strongest Hotajun in existence.

If Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels, who is continuing his 40 home runs and 200 strikeouts pace, is unrivaled in the American League (AL), Akuna is raising the possibility of a historic 30 home runs and 70 stolen bases in the NL.메이저놀이터

Both players are being discussed as strong MVPs of both leagues. MLB.com recently conducted a mock vote for a group of 47 experts, and as a result, 23 people in the AL gave Ohtani and 42 people in the NL gave Akuna first place, respectively.

Acuna’s approval rating is overwhelming. Why Acuna should be the MVP was clearly revealed in the double header against the Detroit Tigers held at Comerica Park on the 15th (hereafter Korean time).

In Game 1 of the doubleheader, Acuna had 3 hits in 5 at-bats, 3 RBIs, 1 run and 1 stolen base, including 1 home run, and 1 hit in 3 at-bats, 1 RBI and 2 runs including 1 home run in Game 2. Atlanta won the first game 10-7 and the second game 6-5, respectively, thanks to Acuna’s performance.

Atlanta marked 42 wins and 26 losses and rose to first place in the NL overall while running for first place in the Eastern Division. On the other hand, Detroit was unable to get out of fourth place in the AL Central Division with a record of 27 wins and 39 losses.

First of all, in the first game, the leadoff Acuna narrowed the score to 2 points by shooting a two-run gun in the middle of the 3rd inning with 1 company and 1 baseman behind 0-4. Detroit right-hander Liz Olsen’s 5th pitch hit a slider in the middle of the 85.2 mph and went over the middle wall.

Then, in the 4th inning, when Atlanta added 5 points and turned the tide, a right-handed hit from 1 out and 2 base opened the score to 7-4. Acuna threw a right-handed hit in the seventh inning with an 8–5 lead, completing his 10th three-hit game all season. Acuna then succeeded in stealing second base, but could not reach home due to a misfire on the follow-up.

Atlanta Acuna (right) and Azi Albis high-five after winning Game 2 of a doubleheader. AP Yonhap News
In Game 2, Acuna walked home with a leadoff leadoff in the top of the first inning, followed by Matt Olsen’s heavy hit, and then homered on Austin Riley’s sacrifice fly. In the 3rd inning with a 2-0 lead, he entered as the lead batter and drew a solo arch that went over the middle wall by hitting the sweeper in the middle of the 81.8 mile on the 3rd pitch of right-handed starter Michael Lorenzen. The ball hit the top of the Chevrolet fountain billboard covered with ivy behind the fence in the middle of Comerica Park. It flew a whopping 461 feet (141 m).

Then in the 4th inning, the center fielder flew, and in the 7th, after choosing a walk, he failed to steal second base. In the ninth inning, he retired with an infield ground ball.

With this, Acuna marked a batting average of 0.333 (92 hits in 276 at-bats), 15 homers, 44 RBIs, 59 runs, 29 stolen bases, an on-base percentage of 0.405, a slugging percentage of 0.580, and an OPS of 0.985. 1st in NL runs scored, 1st in stolen bases, and 1st in hits. Running through Luganju at an average speed of 8.6m per second, he has all the qualities that a leadoff should have in all areas.

Acuna can post 36 homers and 69 stolen bases if he maintains his pace until the end of the season. 30-70 is not a dream. The record of 30 home runs and 60 stolen bases in major league history is yet to come. Eric Davis (37 home runs, 50 stolen bases), Cincinnati Reds in 1987, and Barry Bonds (33 home runs, 52 stolen bases), Pittsburgh Pirates (1990) are only two with 30 homers and 50 stolen bases.

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