‘2 pitching forms X 6 pitches’ 156km Overall 1st place was ‘geek’… Both the form and the type of pitch are ‘self-studying’ 

Hanwha Eagles pitcher Kim Seo-hyun, who joined as the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft, is unique.

He is good at throwing irregular pitches in two pitching forms. The types of pitches he can throw are also varied. Even though he is a sidearm pitcher, he throws a fastball of up to 156km. At the World Youth Championship held in the United States last year, 101 miles were recorded on the broadcast, which was a surprise. (Machine malfunction) Kim Seo-hyun said her highest speed was 97 miles (156 km). 

The Hanwha team is having a spring camp at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Kim Seo-hyun is attracting attention when paired with Moon Dong-ju, a one-year senior at the start of her day’s training for catch ball. Two promising pitchers carrying Hanwha’s future.

In an interview with reporters, Kim Seo-hyun said, “It’s my first camp since I came from the pros, and it’s my first time to camp overseas. He was so awkward at first. There are a lot of things he doesn’t know, so he comes out on the field and asks his brothers what to do first, but it’s still difficult,” he said shyly.

When asked about her irregular pitching form and various types of pitches, Kim Seo-hyun’s confidence came out. His pitching form and type of pitch were a ‘geeky’ style where he practiced this and that and then quickly made them his own.

Seohyun Kim throws a mixture of three quarters and sidearm. He said, “There may not be much difference just by watching, but there is a clear difference when you watch it on TV.” I got the anomalous helmet by chance.

Kim Seo-hyun said, “Before playing catch, I do something called a snap throw, and at that time, my arms came out a lot to the side. He did a lot of안전놀이터 long tossing, so there were a lot of things that didn’t fall out and went accurately. He explained, “I thought it would be useful to throw in the game, so I threw a lot, and the ball was good, so I started using it in the game.”

Kim Seo-hyun said, “I think I will actively use irregular pitches even after I come to the pros. He throws all pitches he can throw with three quarters and sidearm.

“I can throw a fastball, two-seam, changeup, fork, splitter, and slider,” he said. “I like to play with the ball. (The grip was like this and that) When I threw it, there were many things that worked well. I use it in real life and if it doesn’t go well, I just throw it away, but it worked well, so the number of pitches increased as I continued to throw,” he boasted of 6 pitches.

He said the slider was the hardest. He said, “The slider was so bad that I looked up videos of professional seniors and asked the school coach, but it didn’t work. But the slider he recently found, the one he found alone is doing pretty well so he’s throwing it.”

There is also an irregularity in tempo control between pitches. When I watched pitching in high school, there were times when I suddenly threw quickly after exchanging signs.

Regarding this, Kim Seo-hyun said, “It’s not a style that makes the game difficult, but I tend to make it easy. I suddenly have a thought on the mound. Somehow at this time, if I throw the slider, the tempo a little faster now, I get the feeling that I will strike out. However, if the tempo suddenly increases, it is difficult for the catcher to receive it.”

Compared to her age, Seohyun Kim has the mindset of an old child. He said, “I tend to enjoy the game rather than force it. He may not be good if he gets a hit, but he can get a double hit later, and he can block it without conceding (even if he gets a hit). It’s important to face reality and that’s what comes next.”

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